The first Sculpure symposium
in Skyros
(July-August 2006)

Sculpture symposiums take place in many countries of the world and their purpose is to facilitate
• the familiarization and participation of the general public with the artistic process of sculpture creation
• the collaboration of the artistic community with prolific exchange of views and ideas and
• the communication of people through the paths of art.

The first sculpture symposium at Skyros Island took place from the 3rd of July until the 4th of August in 2006. It was an initiative of the ceramist Giannis Kobogiannis and was sponsored by the Municipality of Skyros and the Evia Prefecture.

Mr. Kobogiannis’ Ceramic Art Pottery invited 6 sculptors, graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts, to familiarize themselves in working with the white Marble of Skyros, in an attempt to promote Skyros Island and its Marbles as a premium fine art material.

Serafeim Marbles proudly sponsored the event by offering premium white marble material for the creation of the sculptures.

See more photos here. here.

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