Company History

Serafeim Marbles S.A. was established in 1978 by Eleftherios Serafeim, initially exploiting all types of quarry zones in Skyros Island. From 1998 till today, Serafeim Marbles has exclusively focused on the quarrying of the fine Skyros White Marble.

In 2002, Serafeim Marbles established a second company called Building Development – Marble of Skyros S.A. located at Schimatari Viotias focused on the refining and final forming of Marble boulders.

Fully understanding the needs of the marble market, we, at Serafeim Marbles, are constantly investing on

state-of-the-art equipment for all product phases and
properly trained personnel

in order to

• bring excellence to our products and
• always meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
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