SERAFEIM MARBLES can be found at the central part of Skyros Island in Greece, close the island port, Linaria.

Skyros island
Skyros island is the largest island of the Northern Sporades island complex, with approximately 3,000 inhabitants. It is located 35km east of Evia island with which is connected by ferry through Kimi port in Evia. The largest part of the island is mountainous, giving a succession of fascinating natural beauty sceneries.

Skyros island is known for its small thoroughbred horses (pony), which are considered protected animal species and a tourist attraction for the island.

History of Skyros Marble
Skyros island is worldwide famous for its marble since ancient times. Marbles from Skyros decorate many important sites and historical monuments in Greece and all over the world.

The marble of skyros
Marble of Skyros quality is considered as timelessly perfect. As building material, is recommended for exterior use, as its special color tones remain unaffected by weather and atmosphere conditions.

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